13 Jun 2020
June 13, 2020

Covid-19 Guidance

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Information for tenants, occupiers and visitors to properties for maintenance, routine testing and viewings – Guidance to prevent the spread of Covid-19


It goes without saying that the welfare of those people we deal with in the course of performing our duties is paramount.

Before any appointment is carried out you must let us know if you or any other member of your household is showing signs of or has covid-19, is self-isolating or is shielding.

Preparing the property for market

All properties being prepared to go on the market will be assessed, photographed for 360-degree virtual tours and where possible still photographs will be taken. If we don’t already have a floorplan, the property will be measured.

The initial visit will take between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the size of the property.

No assessment, photography or measurements should take place if any person in the property is showing symptoms of covid-19, is self-isolating or shielding.

Only one assessor/agent may visit a property at any one time.

All occupiers should vacate the property and ensure it is hazard free.

Occupiers should ensure the property is well ventilated and aired by opening windows ahead of the assessment appointment.

Single use protective equipment should be worn and disposed of appropriately.

Any surfaces or areas touched will be wiped down with disinfected wipes or anti-viral/bacterial spray.

Viewings – Current Occupiers

If your property is being viewed, you should open all the internal doors prior to the viewing

We encourage you to vacate your property whilst viewings are taking place in order to minimise your contact with those not in your household

Viewings –  Prospective Tenants/Buyers

All viewings will be conducted virtually in the first instance. We provide a 360-degree virtual tour which allows customers to view the property as standing in the room in person. This can be carried out on any phone, tablet or computer (PC or Mac). We are happy to virtually accompany you while you view it so we can answer any questions.


·       All property tours have been photographed recently so there may be tenants’ belongings in the shots.

·       If the property is advertised as unfurnished any furniture will be removed and the property.

·       Properties advertised as furnished may include an amount of landlord’s and tenant’s own furniture so feel free to check with us what is staying and what’s going.

·       All properties will be professionally cleaned before you move in, there will be a current gas safety certificate and electrical safety inspection certificate.

To proceed to a physical viewing, we may need more than the standard 24 hours to arrange with the current tenant but we will do our best to accommodate requests.

Physical viewings will be conducted where prospective tenants are seriously considering proceeding with the tenancy. Comprehensive eligibility checks will be made prior to the appointment.

Viewings are by appointment only and the number of viewers will be restricted to two people from the same household plus the agent.

Viewings will not be carried out if any person is showing signs of or has covid-19, is self-isolating or is shielding. A written declaration confirming symptoms or lack thereof, will need to be received by email prior to the viewing.

Only members of the same household should view. In the case of shared properties, one person in the group will be required to view on behalf of the other housemates.

Children should not attend the viewing unless it has been pre-agreed.

During the viewing appropriate PPE – a fresh mask and gloves as a minimum – must be worn. A written declaration confirming compliance to this requirement will need to be received by email prior to the viewing.

Nothing in the property should be touched.

Social distancing should be maintained, please ensure you remain at least six feet/two metres away from any person not from your household.

The length of time viewing the property should be kept to a minimum.

Anyone viewing the property should wait at a distance from the front door or main entrance until they are told they can enter.

After the viewing

Existing tenant/occupiers should clean surfaces and handles.

Second viewing

Additional visits to the property should be kept to a minimum and it is recommended these take place after terms have been agreed.

Reserving, referencing and contracts

Purple Hat maintain a paperless system and all documents are exchanged electronically including digital signatures for tenancy agreements and associated documents.

Maintenance and  Routine Checks

Property visits for routine checks, repairs and maintenance can be carried but must be communicated with tenants prior to arrival.

At least 24 hours’ notice before the time of visit will be given in writing or email, with details about who will enter, the time and include the reason for visiting

Social distancing (e.g. residents staying in another room during the visit) and hygiene measures should be followed.

There will be no visit to a property where tenants are symptomatic or self-isolating, or where it has been determined that they are clinically extremely vulnerable and are shielding.

Agents and contractors will wear protective equipment (e.g. gloves and face mask) and dispose of these appropriately. They will also use hand sanitiser as well as use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down any areas they touch.

There is an expectation from the UK Government that tradespeople follow the Government’s safer working guidance 10 and companies should ensure employees understand how to operate safely and communicate this to customers:

No work should be carried out by a person who has coronavirus symptoms, however mild