About the Hat

About the Hat

It’s very rare I go out on a business appointment without my hat. It has become my signature. In networking circles one is supposed to have a “memory hook” a line which relates to your business or service which is memorable and catchy. I don’t have a memory hook, I have a memory look – my hat. It always attracts comments whenever it is given an outing; some people just say “love the hat”, some say “where did you get your purple hat?”, some ask where I got it, why I wear it.

On 25th October 2009 my sister and I took my twin nephews to New York where we were due to stay for five days and then go to Philadelphia for a friend’s son’s Bar mitzvah. At Heathrow airport we did the mad shop dash. Spend as much of your spending money in one place before you even get off the ground. I’d got the make up, and the perfume, and the camera, checked the other gadgets to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and headed into Harrods hat department. And there she was, in glorious purple which matched perfectly with the purple boots, scarf and handbag I was already wearing. In the back of my head I was reciting the poem…” When I get old, I shall wear purple. And a red hat…” except my red hat was going to be purple. From that moment on, the hat and I got a good reception. People were friendly and openly complimented us. It seemed to chill out and bring smiles to the faces of the stoniest of people. Yes, the customs officials and those at passport control even those in New York who normally look at you as if you’ve committed a heinous crime.

We were in New York just over twelve hours when we received a phone call telling us our dad was back in hospital having only just been discharged two days before our trip. He had multiple myeloma and had been declining rapidly for the previous 10 – 12 months. We managed to get on a flight back that evening and went straight to the hospital. On 28th October 2009, two days before his 68th birthday we said goodbye to a great man.

The crematorium was packed and my sister and I read the eulogy. I wore purple hat because I thought I could hide beneath the brim but the words spoken were so true and so proud I stood tall and didn’t feel the need to hide. From that day until this when I wear the hat I feel my dad’s presence. I feel his confidence, his friendliness, openness, his progressive thinking, his business acumen, his fairness, his smile and his humour. All the values I admired in him and aspire to so my business can do him proud.

That’s what put the Purple Hat in Property.